Piranesi 6 Pro (v6.0.3) ReadMe

Piranesi 6 Pro (v6.0.3) is a maintenance release of Piranesi from Informatix Inc.


If you are upgrading from Piranesi 6 Pro (or 2010 Pro), ensure you have your licence details to hand before upgrading. The licensing system has changed and you will be asked to enter your licence again. You need:

  • your licence key. Help/About/Licence Details shows this as "Reference"
  • your activation code: this will be used for the Validation code
  • the expiry date, if any

If you have lost this information, please contact us and we will try to help.


After running the Piranesi Program installer, you may see styles are marked "Retail" that cannot be used, or you may see a message asking you to search for a file.

These extra styles are provided when you purchase Piranesi. They are unlocked when you enter your licence and run the Piranesi Data installer. The Piranesi Data installer is a separate download on the Piranesi download page.

Windows 8

On Windows 8, the Piranesi Data installer may show a warning from Windows SmartScreen because the file is not recognised. To continue with the installation, click on "More info" to run the installer.

New in Piranesi 6 Pro (v6.0.3):

Changes in this version include:


  • shadow generation is much faster
  • stop flickering in settings window while importing cutouts
  • avoid possible pause when tweaking or moving a cutout


  • in rare cases, a cutout could be drawn in front of the model when it was placed behind it
  • after deleting a cutout from a cutout group, remaining cutouts were duplicated
  • possible crash when deleting cutouts
  • possible crash when tweaking a 3D cutout
  • (Mac) possible crash using Tweak Cutout contextual menu on Mountain Lion


  • (Mac) style recorder "delete" menu now deletes selected styles, not all of them
  • (Mac) style recorder "save" menu now saves selected styles, not all of them
  • (Mac) possible crash when pasting a style with non-ASCII characters in its name
  • (Mac) blend and opacity controls are available for Layer Blend command style
  • (Mac) display image from thumbnail file if the style has one
  • possible crash in drag-and-drop with nested categories, and don't flatten categories
  • after style recording has stopped, recorded styles are not changed by undo/redo
  • (Windows) show single icon in style recorder for repeated strokes with the same settings


  • (Mac) don't let "delete" button delete all layers
  • (Mac) resize layer list when Layer Manager window is resized
  • (Mac) possible crash if EPix file changed or closed with Layer Manager hidden
  • (Windows) allow return key to apply new layer blend amount
  • change of layer visibility is undone as a separate step from painting
  • in some cases, drawing was not updated correctly after moving a layer


  • support for AutoCAD 2013 DWG in Vedute and as Cutouts
  • in File/Export, update width or height in step when keeping aspect ratio
  • Vedute and Cutouts improve DXF reader compatibility with older versions
  • File/Export of PSD could use duplicate layer IDs
  • Vedute and Cutouts improved 3DS support


  • update drawing correctly after Undo when painting on a transparent background
  • soft brush stamps now blend with each other when using dynamic colour spread
  • (Mac) improve lock highlighting responsiveness on Mountain Lion
  • fix blending of soft brushes on transparent background, to avoid hard edges
  • option to use PDF 1.7 blending for darken, lighten, soft light, colour, hue, lightness, and saturation blend modes for compatibility with other applications. To use this, goto Edit/Preferences and uncheck "Blend modes compatible with Piranesi V5".


  • improve colour lock in transparent area
  • allow non-ASCII characters in colour names in colour palette files
  • (Mac) hide Vedute windows when switching to another application
  • (Mac) show Navigate window contents when it is tabbed with another window
  • (Mac) fix reading of multibyte text from Piranesi 5 EPix file
  • (Windows) improve behaviour of double-click on EPix file to start Piranesi
  • (Windows) with more than one file open, clicking title bar would maximize window
  • (Windows) alpha symbol is shown on preview image for textures with alpha
  • (Windows) Tools and Locks toolbars now work in rectangular layout

Changes at Piranesi 6 Pro (v6.0.2):

  • Piranesi is now produced and supported by Informatix Inc. We have changed the product name from Piranesi 2010 Pro to Piranesi 6 Pro.
  • SKP files from SketchUp v8 can be read by Piranesi and Vedute. Our free plugin for SketchUp has been updated too.
  • the texture clone tool is now easier to use because it no longer asks to save the cloned area to a file before you can paint with it.
  • PNG files saved with File/Export can now be used as raster grains. Before, opaque areas would become black but now the grain uses the alpha channel so the detail is retained.
  • a style library can be hosted on a website if required. Any raster files it needs will also be read from the website if the styles use relative paths.
  • a thumbnail shown in the style manager and style selector can be shown in higher resolution by providing a separate image file. The details pane on the right side of the style manager has a "thumb" option to set the filename.
  • the Help Assistant is now hidden at startup to increase the available drawing area. Use the View/Toolbars menu to show it.
  • a memory leak while displaying lock highlighting has been fixed. This was particularly noticable on Mac and could lead to crashes.
  • in some cases, the style library builder did not create thumbnail images.
  • FBX files with Japanese characters in their pathname can now be opened.
  • double-click to open an EPix file no longer shows an extra message box, provided that a licence has been activated.
  • capturing a reflection no longer crashes (Mac OS X only).
  • in rare cases, some areas of the drawing were not redrawn.
  • File/Export to PSD format could crash when the layer extent was outside the drawing.
  • File/Export to PSD has an option to flatten cutouts and shadows into one layer, as in earlier versions of Piranesi. This means that cutouts can be correctly clipped against lower layers.
  • on the stereo image pair dialog, clicking Pick no longer reverts earlier changes.
  • in Style/Properties and Add Style, the blend values can be set for layer blend command.
  • security fix to protect against DLL preloading attack on Windows.
  • Vedute on 64-bit Windows no longer prompts for the paper sizes file before saving.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 is now required on Mac. Older PowerPC computers are no longer supported.
  • material and floating cutout names in all languages are now handled correctly.
  • other fixes in response to Windows Error Reports and customer feedback: we are grateful for your input and encourage you to report any problems to us.

Changes at Piranesi 2010 Pro (v6.0.1):

  • too much memory was required while opening EPix files with transparent areas
  • layer merge failed in some cases
  • the drawing is now updated after changing cutout blend
  • keyboard shortcuts can be defined for many operations that use Pick buttons on the Settings palettes - see the Shortcuts/Pick section in Edit/Preferences or Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts
  • DWG™ files from AutoCAD 2010 and earlier are now supported by Vedute and Piranesi. Support for DXF™ files is improved. A lisp script is available for AutoCAD users to export to Piranesi EPix files.
  • fixed multifill styles that used erase tool
  • layer thumbnail was not updated immediately after drawing (Mac OS X only)
  • rerender script command did not redraw Restore channel (Mac OS X only)
  • duplicate ozbreed style library after upgrading from 5.1/Lite (Mac OS X only)
  • Vedute produced invalid EPix on PowerPC computers (Mac OS X only)
  • a number of other problems have been fixed

Mac and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. DWG is the native file format for Autodesk's AutoCAD® software. DWG, DXF and AutoCAD are trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. PowerPC is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States and other countries. SketchUp is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Limited.

Piranesi and MicroGDS are registered trademarks of Informatix Inc. Copyright © Informatix Inc